Metaxourgeio, Athens, Greece

Site specific performace

WALK-O-SCOPE is a performative installation, that  HAPPENED IN ATHENS, Greece 

The project acts as a comment on our choice of perspective through which we experience reality.


A Walk-o-scope is a ‘machine of viewing’ that is inspired by the function of the periscope. Using a Walk-o-scope, the visitor can be offered multiple unusual perspectives through which he/she can explore the city of Athens. Since the Walk-o-scope can be used in a variety of ways, the user is allowed through trial, to choose his/her own preferred perspective(s) of viewing and experiencing. From this standpoint, the project isn’t but a performance piece, performed by the Walk-o-scope’s users, while our point of interest lies within the ways the users will finally chose to use it to explore the city and the things they will discover through this exploration.


The Walk-o-scope is composed by 4 different parts that can be combined together in multiple ways. Those parts had been scattered around the city, calling the visitors to walk around, locate them and construct the Walk-o-scope piece-by-piece in order to use it. When the essential parts were located and collected by the visitor, a workstation had been provided where he/she could combine and customize the collected parts into the Walk-o-scope or their own design.

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We are based in Athens. However, since as our studio is undergoing renovations, you can't visit yet. Feel free to drop us a line here: 


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