Strange Doors


Athens & Epidaurus Festival

Video Design

Strange Doors by Manos Eleutheriou // Video Design // Athens & Epidaurus Festival, 2019

Strange Doors is an unpublished text recorded and transcribed by the great poet and lyricist Manos Eleftheriou five years before his death and entrusted in the hands of actress Nena Menti. The text takes back in time, from early 20th-century Syros and onwards through narrations by Eleftheriou’s grandmother, Evangelia Digeni. The harrowing tale explores themes commonly found in Eleftheriou’s work, such as the tough living conditions in the country, social injustice, melancholy, and the fear of death. Music and poems linked with Eleftheriou and his birthplace will punctuate these themes during the performance.

The ReCompulsive Behaviours Creative Studio was commissioned to design the video projection that divides the performance into distinct chapters, for the first production of the play, at Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2019. 

Dramaturgy - Directing Manos Karatzogiannis
Dramaturgical collaboration: Thanasis Niarchos - Christiana Mantzourani
Music: Giorgos Andreou
Set design: Yannis Arvanitis
Costume design: Vasiliki Syrma
Lighting design: Alexandros Alexandrou
Video design: Dimitra Trousa
Assistant to the set designer: Theano Vachla, Vassiliki Lianou

Production manager: Maria Konstantaki

Performed by Nena Menti

Photographs by: Alexandros Alexandrou, Nikos Pantazaras

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