Or how scenography can facilitate the re-imagination of public space /  Athens, Greece 

In 2016 the scenographer Thanos Vovolis organized an exhibition on the social and political dimensions of public space as a performance space. For the occasion Platform-Scenography developed an adapted version of their Between Realities exhibition. During a period of four days the company worked with a group of local designers, scenographers and architects to explore the public space of Athens in an investigation of the various realities and their relationships with one another. Participants were invited to visit specific sites in the city bearing in mind the idea of the city as a forum for the crisis. Observations, ideas and thoughts inspired by these explorations were published live in the Benaki Museum in Athens.


Adhocracy at the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens is the continuation of the research started for the 1st Istanbul Design Biennial in 2012, curated by Joseph Grima and associate curators Ethel Baraona Pohl, Elian Stefa, and Pelin Tan. The Adhocracy exhibition has also been presented in New York (New Museum, 2013) and London (LimeWharf, 2013).

The Urban Design Fiction Hackathon event that will take place at the Onassis Cultural Centre and will form part of the Adhocracy exhibition, is a 36-hours design marathon that aims to engage the public to collaborate in the creation of local urban knowledge networks using open-source software and hardware technologies, through “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) and “Do-It-With-Others” (DIWO) methodologies. During the Hackathon, four international renowned designers, experts in the fields of digital fabrication, e-textiles and wearable technology, open hardware and creative coding will present their work and guide the participants in the creation of collective projects that combine technology with craftsmanship.

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