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Walk-o-scope Installation coming right up!

A Walk-o-scope is a ‘machine of viewing’ that is inspired by the function of the periscope. Using a Walk-o-scope, the visitor can be offered multiple unusual perspectives through which he/she can explore the city of Athens. Since the Walk-o-scope can be used in a variety of ways, the user is allowed through trial, to choose his/her own preferred perspective(s) of viewing and experiencing. #installation #performingarts #athens #performative #publicspace

Next week, around Metaxourghio neighbourhood (not sure exactly where yet, but we'll be around :P) we will test our Walk-o-scopes! Feel free to join us!

more info on the project ...

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We are based in Athens. However, since as our studio is undergoing renovations, you can't visit yet. Feel free to drop us a line here: 


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