/ˈ'f ɔ .v ɔ s / 

From 02.2017
till  06.2017

Athens, Greece

Polis Theatre

Interactive performance

A  series of theatrical projects that interact with each other, whose key component is the position of the audience as a co-creator. The creative inspiration lies within the experience of the Athenian crisis and more specifically the introduction of some concepts in the Athenian daily vocabulary. Words like "fear," "fascism," "reaction," "power," and "judgment," have been distorted and re-invented countless times the past ten years. The purpose of 'Preservative: The Series' is to re-examine these concepts through a dialogue between the audience and the visual environment by approaching their operation in a physical, instinctive way. This is an experimental process that attempts to create an empty space where new connections can be developed, independent of the conceptual load they might carry.

The /fɔ.vɔs/ (fear) section is the first part of the Preservative series. The concept of fear is explored using as a starting point the biological defence mechanisms encountered in nature. The state of fear, when the subject temporarily freezes and shows no reaction to the external environment, (the so-called "freeze effect" ) is widely examined. The absence of any reaction in itself exists as a direct comparison of the country's situation over the past ten years and has been the basis for the creation of the first project of the series.


Performers - leuteris vasilopoulos, myrto lantza, athina papachristou, marietta panagopoulou, gelly pentefounti, anna sapounaki, myrto sarma, dimitra trousa

Supervisor - sofia mavragani

Photographer - Manos Kalafatelis

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