The Toolkit of the Costume Designer: Fashion History 

Basic Pattern

Costume Design

01.2020 - 0.5.2019


Laboratory of Scenography, Athens (LSA)

What was the material of the first man-made needle? How many male servants were under Maria Antonaneta's dress? What was the conection between US Army trousers  with the hippy pants? 

The workshop will explore historically, the evolution of clothing over the centuries until the end of the 20th century. At the same time, participants will be introduced to the design of the main body and the original costume designs (costume illustration).


About the workshop (the workshop will be held in Greek):

- Introduction to garment making

- What is the clothing pattern and how to use it

- Essential tools and techniques of pattern making

- How do we measure the human body: basic clothing measurements

- Basic pattern construction and design

- The evolution of clothing in relation to each historical period's socio-political events

- Introduction to the history of clothing

- Introduction to the history of fashion

- Introduction to costume illustration


The workshop is addressed to students and professionals  of costume design & fashion, and whoever else interested in costume making.

All the necessary material needed to construct a small-scale mannequin, draft and produce pattern samples are provided within the workshop.


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