ReCompulsive Behaviours is an artist collective founded in 2016, Αthens, Greece

Compulsively defending equal privileges, diversity and communal coexistence , we combine art production, activism, education and research towards social justice and the reclamation of the commons. Bringing together urban communities, students and scholars, public and private bodies, the collective undertakes the exploration and advocation of new ways that aim to awake social awareness, shift perspectives and shape active citizens, by artistic means.

Why ReCompulsive Behaviours

The ReCompulsive Behaviours Transdisciplinary Artist Collective, was founded on September 2016 by Myrto Sarma and Dimitra Trousa, after our accidental meeting at a Public Space Scenography workshop. Since then, we are occupying themselves with a variety of projects that are characterized by interactive public participation, and engagement. Our interest lies between the collective dimension of social experience, and the political dimension of collectiveness. Hence, our work is primarily presented in public spaces, or spaces openly accessible to everyone. As a team, we work cooperatively through every stage of the creative process which coincides with the presentation of our work. We acknowledge our method of work as a co-creative experience shared between the work and its audience.

‘The stages of every society are different’ writes Aronson. Coming from the crisis-struck Athens, ReCompulsive Behaviours suggest a circumstantial approach towards performing. As circumstantial approach, we describe the meticulous choice and subsequent staging, of a specific set of occurrences under which a performance takes place. We perceive performing as the creation of a 'ΡΩΓΜΗ | crack’ within everydayness that disrupts it and simultaneously sustains it in order to allow the performance to exist. Inside this ‘ΡΩΓΜΗ | crack’, the everydayness doesn’t cease to occur but it is enhanced with new unordinary possibilities, enabling the ‘fresh and new’ to happen.

The creation of the collective was an attempt of resistance against the cultural and societal stereotypes, discrimination, individualism and the privatization of the commons.  Our main activities include theatrical performances and public space interventions as well as educational programs and research groups that renegotiate the boundaries between action, participation, art, social reality, politics and community.




Public Space as a Common Performative Space: We organize, manage and perform artistic interventions in public space employing new technologies. 


Creative Studio: We offer design services to the cultural industries under the values of fair and solidarity trade.

Public Space as a Common Performative Space: We organize, manage and perform artistic interventions in public space employing new technologies. 


Collaboration with national and international networks: Involving local communities from different cultural, political and social backgrounds, we organize and participate in project-based seminars, workshops, hackathons, symposiums, educational programs and theatrical events that aim to encourage dialogue across cultural boundaries and enhance intercultural listening and acceptance.

Motivate, educate, empower the youth using our theatrical toolkit as a paradigm of cultural co-creation.  ​


Our Team


Costume Designer / Visual Artist / Theatrologist

Myrto Sarma is a costume designer based in Athens. Sarma holds a BA in Theatre Studies from the University of Athens , a MA in Costume Design from London College of Fashion, UAL which had been supported by the Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation and a second Master's degree in Fine Arts at School of Fine Arts, Greece. She was trained in Spatial Design at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle/Paris 3 via European Erasmus Student Exchange program and at the costume department of the National Theatre of Greece.


She has collaborated - among others - with Sadler Wells, The Greek National Opera, National Theatre of Greece,  Athens & Epidaurus Festival, M. Cacoyannis Foundation, European Capital of Culture –Pafos2017, Center for Performing Arts MITOS , The Benaki Museum, e.t.c. To the present, her design practice explores the relation between performance, acting and politics, focusing on a wide range of topics from social diversity and conflict to collectiveness and political participation. She is currently experimenting with Eco-friendly materials , e textiles and digital Costume design.


Her work has been presented in Greece, UK (Barbican), Cyprus and Moscow  (Historical Museum) . 

Alkistis-Maria Kontopoulou - Curator & Art theorist

Lydia Lentzari - Choreographer
Lydia Lampropoulou - Architect
Dimitrios Moshonas - Actor


Multimedia Artist / Theatre Designer

Dimitra Trousa was born in Athens, Greece. She studied Scenography (BA Hons) at ATEI of Athens, Department of Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts & Design and Digital Performative Practices at Wimbledon College of Art, UAL, London (MA Digital Theatre). She was trained in Spatial Design at L’ Ecole de Design, Nantes Atlantique and at The Greek National Opera, in Scenic Construction and Design.


Her work encapsulates the practice on versatile fields, hence, it is orientated in Theatre Design (Set and Digital Environment). She approaches theatre & performance both academically and professionally. Apart from her academic studies, since 2012 she freelances as a designer and a performance/multimedia artist. Her work has been presented in Greece and in the UK. Recently she is experimenting on the digital representations of participatory performance practices.


Collaborators & supporters

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We are based in Athens. However, since as our studio is undergoing renovations, you can't visit yet. Feel free to drop us a line here:

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